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2018 | 60m


For The Fun Of The Game

The St. Paul Saints entered Minnesota in 1992 and played their first game in 1993. Many thought this plucky little organization wouldn’t last past that first year. The “little engine that could,” however, has brought millions of people joy, laughter, and long-lasting memories. Take a journey through the past 25 years of the St. Paul Saints and see how they became one of the most successful minor league baseball teams of all time.


Mike Veeck

Marv Goldklang

Bill Murray

Brian Doyle-Murray

Derek Sharrer

Tom Whaley

Annie Huidekoper

Chris Schwab

Sean Aronson

Sierra Bailey

Anthony LaPanta

Dave Wright

Neal Karlen

Stew Thornley

Jay Crawford

Patrick Reusse

Joe Schmit

Kevin Millar

Leon Durham

Brandon Kintzler

George Tsamis

Mark Hamburger

Tony Thomas




Executive Producers


Assistant Editor

Director of Photography

Camera Operators


Sound Mixers

Sound Designer

Production Assistant

Graphic Designer

Media Relations

Legal Counsel

Jordan Lynn

Derek Sharrer

Jordan Lynn

The Goldklang Group

St. Paul Saints

Jordan Lynn

Zach Neubauer

Jordan Lynn

Zach Neubauer

Taylor Mills

Jordan Lynn

Andrew Crowley

Zach Neubauer

Taylor Mills

Andrew Crowley

Jake Kramer

Kelly Hagenson

Sean Aronson

Tom Whaley

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